“By 2050, 75% of the world’s population will live in cities and their rapid growth is putting enormous pressure on resources, carrying capacities, and quality of life. Cities already produce half of global waste and 60-80% of greenhouse gas emissions. Land and buildings are also under-utilised in cities.”


Long-term visions of the future:

#4 Universal access to health, housing, transport, communication and education throughout our lives

#9 The right and means to a good life, irrespective of one’s ability to contribute. The focus of just distribution of goods and services minimises the gap with the “have-mores” and “have-lesses”.

We seek urban life that restores the stable conditions of the holocene, with its climate systems that allowed life to flourish. We seek cities that seek to participate in closed loop energy systems. We will not use anything that is not renewable. We aim for voluntary and consensual relationships to place, and seek the social relations to land/environment that come with that. We aspire for housing that serves as home, but also as the machinery for autonomy in our environment (the “Benevolent Machine”). We aim for a relationship to one’s environment whether undeveloped land or built enclosure, a closing of the urban rural divide and the othering that has emerged from these place-based identities. A collective move away from “I better learn everything, so that I can depend on no one”, and toward the mechanics that serve collective autonomy and provisioning. Where universal laws and building codes regulate the character of a neighborhood, rendering much of urban life to an ‘average mode’, we aspire for neighborhoods that serve creativity without regulation that ensure a regression to the average life.




What you can do right now!