Food Resilience


In a food utopia, humans would view biological systems not as resources to be exploited and separate from people, but as intrinsic to their own survival, and as part of the interdependent system that supports all life present and future. This implies humans working creatively and actively to restore the potential of the planet to feed people. At scale this looks like the bulk of global food production being done through agroecological farming methods, which help to produce nutritious and abundant food to meet global demand, support pollinators 🐝, create fairly compensated dignified livelihoods, sustain local economies, absorb carbon, and restore the topsoil—a finite and diminishing resource whose disappearance threatens our whole food system.

We need to rethink how we grow, distribute, and eat food. Our current system is designed to diminish nourishment in service to profit. Between the chronic, negative environmental impacts of agroindustries and the widespread injustices embedded in our economic and industry structures, many of us carry a strained and nearly absent relationship to the food we eat.


We imagine a world in which everyone has access to the nutrition they want and need, where people know the story of their food and work to maintain a healthy relationship with the soil, water, pollinators, farmers, and preparers of their food.


  • We demand protections for the integrity of farming ecosystems (flourishing pollinators, healthy topsoil, clean water) so that future generations can meet their food needs
  • We demand communities have access to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods
  • We demand a world where nobody goes hungry
  • We demand a re-distribution of power in food systems so that farmers and eaters are key decision-makers.


We seek to strengthen the integrity of the relationships that humans have with each other, other living beings, and the planet through building a web of thriving local food systems. By supporting projects and organizations rooted in communities, we restore power to the farmer-custodians who uphold the interconnectedness of life for current and future generations, and ensure everyone has access to food that is culturally and biologically nourishing.


  • We defend existing community gardens and any civic funding they receive against development encroachment, air pollution, and water pollution.
  • We defend the rights of farming communities against corporate and state-sponsored land grabbing
  • We defend citizens’ and tenants’ rights to share seeds, grow gardens in their residence indoors, in yards, and roofs of their residences.

What you can do right now!

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