Beyond Return

"We won’t go back to normal, because normal was the problem."

“Crisis has a way of accelerating history, as things that seem impossible become real in moments.” With the extraordinary unraveling of the economy in front of our eyes, the current moment is igniting imaginations, acting as the spark to potentially change everything.

As small businesses, bars, shops and restaurants that were already stretched, struggle under the pressure and ultimately, as the financial market spirals towards unparalleled collapse, the prospect of another system stirs. We have seen extraordinary things happen in just a matter of weeks.

We must not rush back to what we had, the system that got us into this mess. The status quo is the crisis.

Here, we aim to not only imagine what we must do as a united humanity, but also act on strategies to emerge from this devastation into a just future. Where humans collaborate for our collective well being, rather than compete, nation against nation, based on arbitrary water lines and borders.

We imagine a world where no human needs to toil for their right to mere survival. Instead we collectively ensure that all humans have their needs met.

Let your imagination dream big. Humans are capable of achieving the extraordinary when they collaborate. We have made our way to other planets, found cures for seemingly impossible diseases and explored the depths of the oceans. It is time for us to apply that creativity and skill to our planet’s social systems.

Just imagine what we could achieve, if we stopped pitting people, states and countries against each other, if we were all in it together.

New Solidarities

Our goal here is not to lead, but to lift existing movements, to forge links where there were none. To create windows where there were once walls.

We acknowledge that the work, practices and writings that we are relying on here have been built and put together by those for whom the status quo has always been a crisis. These ideas and ideals are often birthed out of necessity from marginalised communities.

As always we stand on the shoulders of giants, and we rest on the shoulders of their struggle and their love. We remain in debt and gratitude to the work of generations of communities that came before us.

We cannot represent every human, but we hope to be in solidarity with all, to help forge a movement that can drive us toward a better collective future.